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While everyone knows the internet is a gateway to an unlimited knowledge base, more and more parents and businesses worry about the potential for abuse in the home and workplace. In particular, emerging social networking websites, such as MySpace and Facebook, have an appeal that users of all ages are finding increasingly difficult to resist. While there are certainly positive uses for social networking websites, sometimes parents and businesses choose to block facebook and other types of websites to better monitor content their children or employees are experiencing.

The Web Blocker is an internet parental control software program designed to make blocking websites easy. With one click of the mouse, parents and employers can block any website from any computer. It is also possible to customize unique settings for each user profile on any given computer. The Web Blocker software builds ‘block lists’ that block thousands of websites fitting certain keywords, like gambling, social networking, adult content, etc. Its most recent version provides ’white lists’, which allows access to specific websites passed through the software’s content filters. The Web Blocker also allows monitoring user histories. What could be more reassuring to a conscientious parent in an ever growing technological age where every child is exposed early to the use of computers and the World Wide Web?

It’s no surprise that schools, libraries and businesses are already making use of website blocking software across the globe. Employers who want to prohibit abuse of the internet during work hours can block facebook and other content across entire networks, thereby eliminating temptation to their employees. Libraries can be assured their public access computers are being used for the purpose intended. Teachers and parents can pre-empt children accidentally falling upon inappropriate material to which they do not what their children exposed.

How to block facebook, in particular, is a concern for parents and employers alike. Across the board, most workplaces and schools prohibit Facebook for its potential to distract employees from their work and students from focusing on the tasks set before them. Facebook lures the user into wasting valuable time with games, gossip and goofing off, thereby destroying productivity. Parents worry that Facebook has the potential to divulge too much personal information about children and their locations, making them more vulnerable to predators. Facebook also allows users to view and publish content without restriction, so if parents aren’t really keeping up, children can read and view comments, pictures and videos, and interact with strangers on such a level they might otherwise never feel comfortable doing in person.

To block Facebook, or any other objectionable website, simply type its web address into The Web Blocker’s easy to understand user interface. Once the web address is entered, click a button and that’s all there is to it! The Web Blocker software confirms that Facebook has been blocked from the computer and the problem of how to block facebook is solved. The best part of all is that The Web Blocker software is free, so there is no longer reason to prohibit use of the Internet in the home or office. Thanks to The Web Blocker, we can enjoy the vast potential for intellectual enhancement the web has to offer in the home, the school and the workplace, while resting assured that personal safety and productivity is being fully protected.

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